A short diary of activities, presentations and publications, to give you some insight about what is going on in the background of the project.

The representation of Léon de Sommi's Dialogues on Staging

The CANON team, led by Felisa de Blas Gómez and Almudena Lopez Villalba, share their representation of Léon de Sommi's Dialogues on Staging. This text comes from the 16th century and as a first one of its kind, it sheds light on the technical process of theatre stage directory.

See the staging here.

Digital.DTHG publishes an interview with Franziska Ritter and Chris Van Goethem

On digital.DTHG's webpage, you can find an interview led by Franziska Ritter with Chris Van Goethem. Discussing the merits of the CANON project, future of teaching and digitization, Franziska and Chris went into a deep think and discussion about how different countries vary in approaches to theatre technology and stage operations. This is an exciting and valuable read for anyone who is interested in the development of current performance space, the complexity of the project and the historical knowledge and heritage of European theatre.

Digital tools, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Web-XR Prototype, as approached by digital.DTHG, will be introduced in Ulm at the Bühnentechnische Tagung of DTHG at the end of July with the aim to modernize and facilitate new teaching methods. Stay tuned for more information and we wish you a joyful reading!

An article about the CANON project in La Provincia Quotidiano

By Umberto di Nino (in Italian). Read it here.

This article deals with the work developed within the international Erasmus + project entitled “Canon of the theatre technical history” whose main objective is to create awareness and understanding about the historic background of the theater technical field in an European context.

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Canon Project, A new look at teaching history & representing information.

Presentation at OISTAT Education week, 6/7/2021 (English)

Download PPT: Canon EN


During the Covid era, the different schools took the initiative to co-teach and intervene in eachothers classes.

Digitale erfgoeddag STEPP

Presentation on STEPP digital heritage day 15/06/2021 (Dutch)

Het Canon project, een (beetje) harmonie in de chaos

Article in STEPP magazine 39, 03/2021 (Chris Van Goethem, Dutch)

Online student workshop

Due the corona crisis and the impossibility to travel, we moved the foreseen student workshop online. The workshop focussed on developping a common history with people from different countries. Students worked together during a week on different platforms and created a grafical representation of 4 historical themes. Read more

Brussels Teachers meeting (11-13 / 12 / 2019)

In this first short-term staff training a common vision of the history and heritage of technical theatre is explored with a focus on its implementation in a curriculum.

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