The first student workshop focusses on a the relation between historic and contemporary technology and alternative methods to document technical facts. Sweden is the home of historic as well as contemporary technology development. This gives opportunities to see and use different types of theatre equipment use and to match and compare different phases in the development.

The students will prepare an overview of development of different technologies in advance . During the workshop the students extend the time line in which specific historic facts, inventions and uses are marked. Teachers guide the students and give input on possible paths to follow. The students (in mixed groups) research these elements and document them, based on a standardized format developed by the teachers group. The research and documentation is not limited to “paper” research and documentation. Research includes innovative methods like working models or visualisation that confront the historical knowledge with the physical reality. Documentation can include animation, sound recordings, moving image, virtual reality or apps.

At the end, they prepare their presentations for the multiplier event at LLB.