Gitta Van Goethem

Gitta Van Goethem graduated as a translator in Dutch, English and Italian. She refined her language skills by spending a period abroad on Erasmus in Italy both during her studies and after finishing them. She previously spent a year as an exchange student in the USA.

During her 2015 internship, Gitta ended up with the Expertise Centre to conduct a research in termbases for historical theatre machinery together. This collaboration continued and produced the master's thesis "Historical research through terminology - Creating a term bank for historical terminology in the field of theatre machinery".

After her studies, she corrected the English version of the manual of the ETTE safety course and provided a Dutch translation. Since then, she mainly occupied herself with foreign language education, with a focus on teaching Dutch to non-natives.

Apart from het professional life, Gitta is a volunteer for Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen. As responsible for the International Team, she focuses on international experiences, exchanges and partnerships abroad, both for the movement and her local scout groups.